The Curtain Falls and the New Tek-Corner is Revealed in T-Minus….

Well this is it, we’re less than 12 hours away from finally dropping the curtain and unveiling the new Tech Corner…err…I mean…Tek-Corner.  Just to clarify some potential confusion on the name change; No, I was not trying to church it up, and  it was not something I purposely set out to do. Although , I was kind of expecting and was not surprised to find out that someone had registered the “.com”   domain name for Tech Corner. Although,  I actually like Tek-Corner better…anyway…I suppose it’s just as well…New Year…New Year…New Tek-Corner…

While I got this posted later than I wanted, I wanted to announce one last time:

Tomorrow morning (Jan. 2nd, 2012) at 9:30am, the curtain drops on the new Tek-Corner blog. If you come here (, you will be met by an empty page with only the link to Tek-Corner (

You are gonna want to check this out….trust me. In fact if you catch this message, or if someone were to LAN on the new site before


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