The Countdown Has Begun….New Tech Corner Site Debuts 2012…..

Yes, you read that correctly; On January 1st 2012 we debut the brand new and improved Tech Corner. Along with this new site, we also have a registered Domain Name; which means, On Jan. 1, we can say goodbye to this terribly long URL this we currently have for the much shorter . This is just one of many new additions to come in 2012, but we wanted to start 2012 with this…New Year….New Tech Corner.

Go check out the site now,  for updates on the completion status, countdown to site launch, and sign up for the Tech Corner mailing list while you’re there to receive additional information…oh and if you hear a bunch of clanging around

pay no mind, that’s just me behind the curtain working on the new site…what? No you can’t have a peak…it’s not finished yet…but when you see it you’re gonna dig it….January 1st, 2012….New Tech Corner….IT’S ON!!!!


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