Free and Secure Ways to Share Your Videos Online

For distant family who can’t always be around to witness, firsthand, the chaotic, funny and memorable events that accompany childhood; watching videos ranks a close second to being there. However, a 1 minute high res video can easily be 60MB is size; much too large to email as an attachment. So what can you do to make sure Grandma gets to see little Johnny eat glue? Here are some free and secure video sharing options available to you.

Videosprout is a very easy to use and secure video sharing site for general use. Upload videos up to 100MB is size that can be viewed 500 times per month. Even better, family can view your video directly on the site (password protected) without having to download onto their PC.


Wikisend is by far the easiest to use of all the listed options. You basically, upload a video (after short registration) and Wikisend then emails you a link that you can forward to every one you wish. Your video will then be available for up to 90 days.


Shutterfly takes out all of the time consuming difficulties associated with creating a private video sharing website. With Shutterfly, you can create and quickly design a free private website that allows you to post up to videos to it. The great thing with this option is that your family members do not have to register or sign up as members in order to access your site.

Minigroup proves that you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook Founder) in order to create your own social media site. This is a totally free site and operates a lot like Facebook. Family members can share videos, photos and even post status updates. With the free account, you are able to upload video up to 1GB in size and have an additional 10GB in storage space. Finally, the only people who can see your content have to be in your group.

Chattertree is another private networking site you can use, that acts a lot like Google+. Instead of different circles you are given rooms, by which you can customize security. You could make this by specific family member, or separate friends from family to decide who can see certain videos.

While there are certainly more options out there from YouTube to Facebook; they are not as friendly to the general user. as they require a bit of customization to make private and secure. The options provided above are dead simple to use for the everyday user and won’t cost you a dime. Now, the rest is up to you. Go out and check out these options and see which one works better for you. Remember, Kids grow up fast, so the sooner you get some videos posted for distant family the better. Have some other video posting ideas? Let us hear them in the comment section, or hit us up via twitter @Ray_TechCorner


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