50GB of Free Online Storage FOR LIFE!!! Exclusively for iDevice Owners!

Box.Net is offering free lifetime 50GB accounts to anyone who uses an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.)

According to a post from the Box.Net Blog, this offer started in October and is good through December 2nd. While Box.Net will install, and share, across all of your systems, it will need to be installed from your iOS device in order to receive the free 50GB storage upgrade – instead of usual 5GB. Additionally, Box.Net is will give you a substantially beefed up increase in the upload file size limits (100MB versus the typical 25MB).

Does it seem too good to be true? I thought it did, so I installed the app on my iPhone, created an account and BAM! 50GB of “lifetime” storage just like that! Some might say that is the best since Wayne Newton’s Phenomenal Hit Bombshell ‘Donke Schoen’!! Which would be totally absurd, everybody knows ain’t anything more awesome than the Midnight Idol!!! I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that and move on…

The following is a snippet from the Box.Net Blog post with the steps to take in order to get this new free mega Cloud account.

This promotion only runs for the next 22 days, so get your free space in the cloud by following these steps:

Visit the app store and download the Box app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Log in to your account or register for a new one directly from the app

Start sharing and collaborating in the cloud

While I still prefer Dropbox and Sugar Sync (I’ll get to that in a sec); 50GB of lifetime storage and 100MB in file upload size is enough to certainly perk y attention. What’s more, the updated Box.Net version 2.4.3 allows you to wirelessly stream any of your videos, pictures, presentations, music and whatever you may have stored to an Apple TV, via AirPlay.

Wait…What’s that? You want to know why 50GB of free lifetime storage is important to you?! Seriously?!?! …uhhmm…..be…cause….it’s 50GB maybe? Just taking a shot in the dark….I kid…I…kid, of course I will help you out. Have I ever let you down before? Well…maybe you shouldn’t answer that…anyway, let Ray Ray see if he can break this down for you (sorry…no more 3rd person references and no more “Ray Ray”. Promise!)

Most important, in my humble opinion, would be that this offer from Box.Net provides the iDevice user with enough storage space to employ a totally free off-site archiving solution for your most important and/or irreplaceable files for life!

So what can you do with 50 GBs of space?

This will allow you to backup all those precious family photos and other important files to the cloud, thus, giving you a solution with security and redundancy. Basically redundancy ensures your invaluable memories will remain safe and secure; despite a hard drive crash, a critical system failure, or even; Heaven forbid, your home along with all of your possessions catching fire taking away years of collected personal effects in mere minutes. While the latter is an extreme illustration – one I hope never becomes a reality for any of you. Nevertheless, those family photos, and other significant documents would remain unscathed right where you left them. Maybe it’s just me, but I reason that alone is a rather important reason.

Another way to approach what to do with 50GB of free space is from a cost savings perspective.  You can keep your money; thus, giving you online storage for music, movies, system recovery images of your machine, or to simply have more room to store that malware you continue to get for winning your 5th iPad this week; wow you must be the luckiest person alive!!! The point is who cares what you do with it?! It’s a substantial amount of online storage you never have to pay for. Let’s take a peek at what that much storage would set you back:

50 GB of storage with iCloud would run you approximately $100 per year.

Dropbox would hit you for $10 per month (or $120 year)

Sugar Sync has a 60GB option for $100 per year or 30GB @ $50 per year (I don’t know what they have against nice round numbers either…)

There is one company that offers something very different from the others, and that is Carbonite; who offers Unlimited at $60 per year with a continuously running real time backup of your system

Free is nice and all, but to be completely honest with you, the only reason I even gave Box.Net a second glance was solely for this offer. Make no mistake; I’m a Dropbox kind of guy, and after that Sugar Sync. Most assuredly, Box.Net only lives beside these two, because they brought some cool stuff to the party. Let’s take a look at why that is…

Box.Net vs. Dropbox

We must try to avoid looking at Box from this perspective, as it is not even a close. If Box.Net vs. Dropbox was a boxing match in Rocky IV, it would have to be the Drago vs. Apollo Creed beat down. We would see Dropbox as (Dolph “He-Man” Lungren, a.k.a. “Drago”), walk straight to the ring and stand there waiting. Next, we hear the music, and look up to see the fireworks with Box.Net as (Carl “I was Chubs” Weathers a.k.a.: Apollo Creed”) Dancing around like his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, or something. Box comes prancing up the aisle throwing 50 GB free storage to everyone. You could say that Box.Net can stack it up, flip it and reverse it, when it comes to intros. Alas, we all know what happens after that to poor ole’ Chubs. If you do not know what I’m talking about you might as go eat a bowl of hair and YouTube it.

That’s precisely the point I want to make here; it is very easy to be dazzled by Box.Net during that impressive entrance. Throwing around 50GG of storage around like a true gangsta who can make it rain; which is fine with me go get your storage, I know I did. I just urge you not to go deleting Dropbox (or SugarSync) during the parade. I just ask that you wait and see if Box.Net can get in the ring and fight as good as pop and lock down the aisle on the way to fight. If you’ll wait that long you see that when the bell rings BLLAAMMM…Box.Net gets broke down.

Box.Net AND Dropbox

This is the reason I mentioned earlier that it is a very unfortunate mistake to pit these two against each other. When the bell rings you’ll be disappointed, as you watch Box.Net get broke down and folded by Dropbox. Thus making you miss out on a sweet file management setup. It’s not that Box.Net is an inferior service; it’s just not designed with the same features that are what makes the Dropbox solid. If we instead look at these two as offering us entirely separate uses; well now we’re getting somewhere!

They both have something to offer that the other doesn’t. Box.Net is offering you 50GBs of free storage for life, and I can confidentially assure you that you are not going to get this offer from Dropbox. They will give you 2GB free, and give you an opportunity to earn a little more by viewing the tutorial and sharing with your friends. Conversely, Box.Net does not install a folder on your PC that gives you the ability to drop files into auto sync with all of your devices, the way Dropbox does. Dropbox is also much easier to navigate and MUCH more flexible. This is why Dropbox doesn’t offer the 50GBs of free space; they don’t need to. Finally, while both offer collaboration options, I would give the edge to Box.

Box.Net has certainly not overtaken Dropbox or SugarSync in my opinion; although this offer from Box.Net did get me to use their product. Even though I have passed on them many times in the past, I do see the benefit in this much free storage. How you this extra space is up to you. I plan to continue using Dropbox as my main file manager (work, blogs, etc.), and use Box.Net as an offsite archive to store as many of my pictures, music, and other important files that I can get in there. Do you have an interesting way you intend to use these services? I would love to hear you come up with. Drop us a line in the comments section or hit Tech Corner up of Twitter.


One Comment on “50GB of Free Online Storage FOR LIFE!!! Exclusively for iDevice Owners!”

  1. ben says:

    A handy tip for signing up to DropBox… If you want some extra storage from the start
    use my referral link to sign up


    Both Dropbox users ( you and I) get an extra 250MB on top of the free 2GB.

    Once Joined you can then refer others and receive an extra 250MB per referral up to a max of 8Gig… Free.

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