Tech Corner Adds New Contributor: Bo Naughton

Today’s  a big day for the  Tech Corner Blog, as I am expanding its operations by adding another contributor to the Blog. The growth of Tech Corner over these last few months has been nothing short of staggering to me. Tech Corner receives hundreds of new visits almost daily; and I thank you all for taking time to read the articles and am glad you enjoy them. If Tech Corner is growing this rapidly with me being the only writer, how much more would it grow if  there were more contributors than just myself?  I would like to see this blog grow into a national powerhouse one day, and have the opportunity to make Tech Corner a market competitor. However, in order to do that Tech Corner will need to grow as well, meaning an increase in content. Today marks the beginning of this growth, as I have added another contributor to the Tech Corner Blog.

Bo Naughton comes to Tech Corner from right here in Danville, KY. He has 3 years experience in IT, and works right on the front lines of the Tech Industry. I foresee Bo becoming an instant hit with general everyday users, because he sees, firsthand, all the common issues and frustrations people have with their PC’s everyday. His articles will be a very welcome addition to Tech Corner. Lastly, don’t worry about personality (You know I wouldn’t present you with a stiff, that types up boring information only tech articles). A lot of Technology based topics, are inherently boring, that’s what sets Tech corner apart from everyone else, we add much needed humor and salt to what,  otherwise,  can be bland tech topics. I know Bo personally, and can assure you that he will fit right in with the tom foolery that goes on around here. Look for his debut article to be published soon and then many more to follow.

Folks, there are several new developments in the works for Tech Corner for the near future. Today, marks the first of many developments to come for Tech Corner. Buckle your seat belt the Ride has started.


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