Will Android be Open Source 5 Years From Now? I don’t Think So [OPINION]

Why do I think Android as we know it will not be open source in the near future? Think about it this way:  What company is one of the most brilliant business minds of our day? Google…Who owns Android? Google…Who just bought Motorola?…Google….Do you see a pattern developing here?

This is just my own opinion, but I foresee that  Google will eventually stop pairing with other Companies (e.g. Samsung). Why else would they have purchased a company that produces physical devices. Google plans to put out it’s very own phone…none of this Samsung Nexus Prime garbage…i’m talking Google’s very own “iPhone”…or…gPhone it you will. Answer me this question,

“If you were one of the, if not THE, most brilliant business minds on the planet, and you had just acquired a mobile device maker with a solid track-record, and you owned your own mobile OS platform; would you release you debut proprietary device only to be running the same engine under your hood as 85% of the field? Lord, I certainly hope not!!!

Google will be REAL smooth about it though. Now this is all speculation from my own warped mind, but I can easily see that when Google market’s and debuts it’s premiere device (not yet developed) it will leave whatever version of Android is already in place open source (whether it is Ice Cream Sandwich or Jawbreaker, whatever). When the next  Android Upgrade comes out (Raspberry Poptart, Sno-Cone, whatever),  you know the “this is our Platform, if you want one, then build one bitches…” version of Android.

Again, while purely speculation, this makes perfect sense in my head. I think that Google is too smart not to take this approach. If they have their “Google” version of Android (closed source), the hot rod Android with the real cool shizz (Android Ring Pop), and still provide everyone else with Android public (Popsicle) (open source) which will still be as good as what Android is now, just not as good as  Android is in the future with Google. The thing is, I don’t think anybody will even be that upset either, because, unlike Apple, Google left the industry a whole lot better than it found it.

Google doesn’t do anything that won’t make money. I predict they will cash in on their own Android Platform, as well as it’s devices.I will wager that everyone else will lease or have Android Lite, in which case Google will still make money off Ad placement.If this is true, then it sounds to me like Google took and turned a 1 pipe money blower into into a 3 stream revenue machine. Now you tell me, does this sound like a Google move to you?


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