What you Need to Know About iOS5

iOS 5: The Software Steve Jobs Always Thought You Deserved [Review]Well now that you have survived the iOS5 Error 3200 party, you now have the new platform installed on your iDevice, and are wondering what the big deal is? Here are some of the things I really like about iOS5 accompanied with a complete features guide….oh how nice of you to say….well you are welcome… 

There are Notifications, which  is  probably the single enhancement that, for me, solved a big problem with iOS. By simply touching the top of your screen and swiping your finger down, you can view a snapshot of all of your reminders, notifications, weather and stocks by pulling down the notification center. when you are finished simple swipe your finger up, to send back. Even more important I think are the addition of Banner Notifications!  How annoying was it when you were right in the middle of a game  of Angry Birds, Topple, or watching a movie on Crackle only to have it interrupted and paused, because of a text that simply said, “k”!!! It was absolutely maddening for me; especially, when you resumed what you were doing and the sound would be on “permamute”. which the only way to restore sound was to reset the app; only to have it happen again when you finally got back to where you were. Well those days are over, with the new non-intrusive notifications that come with iOS5, that game pausing text just shows up indiscreetly at the top of the screen and goes away.

There there is, iMessage, which is an addition that is sure to piss off some providers, as Apple really put a damper on overcharging iPhone users with unlimited texting plans. The cool thing about iMessage is it’s not a stand alone app, but integrated right into your current messaging app. If you are texting a friend with an iPhone, it sends an iMessage that are 100% free to send and receive. If it is a friend with an Android or some other mobile OS it will send an SMS text message. It does all of this seamlessly in the background. It checks to see if the other person you are texting is using iOS5 as well and if so it will send an iMessage instead of a SMS text message. This feature will certainly save some people some money on there texting bills. If you are unsure whether or not you are sending a SMS text  or an iMessage , remember SMS is green and iMessage is blue.

There are a ton more features, the Newstand, reminders, camera features, etc. Here is a complete guide to the new iOS5 for your reading enjoyment.





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