Could This be the Golden Goose of Apple?

I’ve had a questioive.jpgn on my mind since Thursday morning.That question is this, “What happens to the innovation that is Apple’s X Factor, without Jobs?” Now there is now denying the genius that was Steve Jobs, in fact a mind like his is right up there with Walt Disney and Thomas Edison, and while I am confident that Jobs had enough prototypes and concept sketches stashed away for at least the next 5 years of releases; what happens when the cellar runs dry? Can Apple’s leadership keep up the house that Jobs built?

Last night I think I found the answer to that lingering question, in Mr. Jonathan Ives. Ives was the brain child behind most every iDevice out on the market today. Here is a link to the Article

Design Spotlight Is Thrown on Ive

However, I picked up on an unexpected pattern when I read this article. Can you see the pattern with these quotes from the article (all emphasis mine) :

” Jonathan Ive, an Apple executive little known outside the technology industry.

Mr. Ive’s Apple role is so important that he reports directly to the chief executive.”

Apple declined to make Mr. Ive available to comment for this story. Mr. Ive didn’t respond to an email requesting comment.”

Since joining, Mr. Ive has worked in the background while Mr. Jobs and other executives served as the company’s public face “

“In the design world, he’s famous for having won awards and not showing up to collect them

Maybe I am reading something that’s not there and need to get myself a foil hat but it appears, at least to me,  that Apple keeps a pretty tight leash on Mr. Ives. Makes one wonder if may be he’s the golden goose of Apple. Came on board in 1996….hmm…when did the big Apple device boom take off again? About 4 years later? Interesting indeed…





2 Comments on “Could This be the Golden Goose of Apple?”

  1. Ray says:

    Thanks for checking it out. Yeah definitely wasn’t what I thought I would take away from that article lol!

  2. Solid Designs says:

    good thought that deserves consideration 🙂

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