Well, Imagine That! Windows Finally Figures out The Copy Dialog

Estimation It appears the days of a file being copied in Windows taking 3 minutes…no wait…..3 weeks….no wait 2 seconds….no 5 minutes…..no wait…, might finally be over….APPLAUSE!!!!! And to think it only took Windows 8 before Microsoft figured it out. Cynical? Maybe – that’s just me – nonetheless, it appears they have it figured out.

Alex Simmons, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management for Windows, has pulled back the curtain and revealed  this new functionality to us over at the Building Windows 8 Blog. Don’t get me wrong, if your just moving a handful of files in Windows then the present setup is not really all that bad. However, when you move over big chunks of files is when the annoyance really began. This appears to no longer be an issue.

Also, gone are the days when for every file you copied or moved another wretched dialog box popped up for it, so you were left with the dialog tile stack from hell! One of the improvements made in Windows 8 is a consolidated window for multiple copies or moves. It will basically now look very similar to the Firefox window that houses multiple downloads. Oh and as a side note, if you haven’t installed Firefox as your browser yet; do yourself a favor and go ahead and do that. You can thank me later and your welcome 🙂 Alas we digress, so let’s get back on topic shall we?

For those of you, like me, that require more detailed information when copying or moving your fileWindows 8 copy speeds; Windows 8 will be sporting a “More Details” button that will present you with a graph that charts the speed of your transfer, but also displays the time and number of files left in the operation. This new precise time estimation of course, is not going to be a time of delivery as there are WAY too many variables that could change that equation. Instead, Microsoft has focused the time on transfer speeds, and have honed in on the things that could be spec’d more precisely. Let’s face it how can Microsoft predict that you are going to take a notion to open up a session of Farm Town  (which in my opinion might be the most retarded game ever created) or hit up Google+ for some Angry Birds action (which might be the most addictive game ever created) while you are transferring files?

One of the greatest things that came with Windows 7 was the copy feature “Keep both Files and Rename”. Well Windows 8 has kept this feature and added to it. Now not only can you keep both files and rename one when copying (both on a file-by-file basis or in bulk), but you can now see a thumbnail of these files and decide what you want to do with it.

Windows 8 copy/move/delete

Alex Simmons has really revealed some very nice features Window 8 will bring us. Well played…Microsoft….Well played indeed….


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